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Current amount of investment

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More than 5% yield of GOLDBOX is
valuable & concrete investment

  • Able to make an investment in Gold which GOLDBOX monopolizes for 500 million JPY with a small amount
  • GOLDBOX raises the investment from participants
    The yield will become more than 5%

    Lower risk of payment because value of the Gold is as same as cash and a futures transaction

What is GOLDBOX?

GOLDBOX is the Thai company which gold
Ordinary trading depends on the publicly announced price
but applying discount is all up how the negotiation of the number of the lots goes
And our negotiation reached 5-10% discount

A yield in case of 5%

A yield in case of 5%

Only one price plan

Minimum yields 5%~17%/month
Initial amount of investment:$500~

Current amount of investment

1 2 8 , 0 6 8

※If it is deadline, please participate in the next recruitment

Get $10 bonus by registration

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Gold has value as a rarity

1Gold deposits is as same as 3.8 pools for Olympic games

The value, supply and demand of Gold will be increased yearly and Gold minimizes price change risk

2Service price will also be increased yearly at a developed country

Gold is very scarce in the world and demand is higher than supply, and it is used to reduce the risk of asset fluctuations

3Bank deposits are a loss

A currency value is relatively falling because prices are climbing while a currency value is stable

4That is why Gold is in the spotlight

Gold’s demand is more than supply
Easy to find buyer, easy to cash and it protects your assets value

You can buy GOLD
cheaper than the market price at GOLDBOX!

Investing GOLDBOX is more efficient than buying at a market
By buying cheaper than the market price, speculative matter will be gone

1Price of gold is increasing to 60times last 40years

And it continues giving value us
Furthermore, everyone can keep gold in individuals because it’s material property
We know it seems that there are some persons of fortune are keeping their golds from 1990s

2We know a rich man who kept gold

Everyone says, “a buyer cannot be found”,” it’s troublesome to find them” because the price of gold is so high
This is why we make an exclusive contract and do cloud funding

3You will be reworded even if discounted because we’ve been keeping gold on our hand

You will be reworded even if gold was discounted because gold holders have been keeping many years before the price rises
And we reached our special price by negotiating!